Pancake Pancake

Pancake Pancake Three Pack - Mocha, Chai & Lemon Pancake Mix

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Pancake Mix three pack Mocha Lemon Chai
Pancake Mix three pack Mocha Lemon Chai Pancake Mix Mocha Pancake Mix Chai Pancake Mix Lemon Chai pancakes with almonds and butter Plain pancakes with jam and sprinkles Lemon pancakes with blueberries Lemon pancakes with strawberries blueberries and butter Mocha pancakes with marshmallows and chocolate sauce

If you go through pancakes at your house literally like hot cakes, our three pack is just for you! Receive all three flavors: Lemon, Chai Latte, & Mocha Pancake Mixes and save some dough! Our pancake mixes bring extraordinary flavors into your home and are so easy to make. Each bag comes with easy-to-make add-in & topping ideas on the back to make them even more exciting.

Mocha Pancake Mix

These pancakes check off all your morning tasks: breakfast and coffee. We perfectly blend robust espresso, cocoa powder, and mini chocolate chips into a cake that is sure to energize your morning. Now if only we could get a pancake mix to make your bed…

Chai Pancake Mix

Take a break from the ordinary and mix-up breakfast with our Chai Latte pancake mix! Crafted with cinnamon, cloves, ginger and cardamom, these cakes put an exciting spin on our classic favorite. Serve them for breakfast or mix it up as dessert. We’ll have what you’re having. Cheers – er – eat to that!

Lemon Pancake Mix

When life hands you lemons, you make Lemon pancakes! Otherwise known as sunshine in a pouch. These zesty pancakes have been known to cause a smile or two. Mix it up with some fresh lemon zest and blueberries. This pancake mix will shine new light on breakfast.


With this ready-to-use pancake mix, making light and fluffy pancakes has never been easier. Preparing flavorful batter from scratch can be incredibly time-consuming, but with this easy-to-use pancake mix you can spend more time doing what you love - eating breakfast! Simply add the directed amount of milk and eggs to the mix - and for a more premium touch, add the suggested add ins, and in no time at all you've got soft, golden brown pancakes. No matter how you serve it, Pancake Pancake premium pancake mix is the perfect way to flip your breakfast upside down.


Our pancake mix can be easily modified to make waffle mix! Just add an extra egg and a little bit of cooking oil, and your waffles will turn out great.