Pancake Pancake

Why not just add water?

We're fueled by principles, not just pancakes.

Lets start with a science lesson...

Pancakes are a story of chemical reactions that create new flavors and textures. With pancakes, the chemical reaction is between a leavening agent – such as baking soda & baking powder – & an acidic ingredient – such as buttermilk – producing tiny bubbles of carbon dioxide gas.

You can't get the fluffiest pancakes if you don't have the right ingredients.

These bubble form throughout the pancake, and are trapped as the batter cooks and solidifies. So instead of a heavy disk of dough, you get a light and fluffy pancake filled with tiny air pockets. The more of these leavening agents you add to a mixture, the more carbon dioxide will be produced, and the more bubbles will form.