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How to make the perfect pancakes

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We've heard from a lot of folks that your pancakes don't always turn out right. This article should put an end to burnt pancakes and frustrating mornings. 

Want to make perfect pancakes this weekend?

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What are pancakes?

A pancake is basically a "quick bread". All mixes are essentially made of the same core ingredients: flour, salt, sugar, eggs, milk, and leavening agents to help them rise. The beauty of pancakes is that they tell you when they are ready to be cooked and ready to be flipped, so they can come out perfect every time.
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Better ingredients = better pancakes.

Our products are made with the highest quality ingredients. All you need to do is add 2 eggs and liquid (preferably milk). The eggs and milk produce the mouth feel & fluffy texture that make it so enjoyable to eat. Once the eggs and liquid are added, you've started a chemical reaction with the leavening agents. Now, bubbles will start to form. 

Low & slow is the way to go.

Now you're ready to make pancakes. Your batter should have bubbles forming in the bowl. Turn your skillet to low/medium heat or 300 degrees on a griddle. Let it come up to temp before spraying with grease, butter, or a nonstick spray. Use a 1/3 cup to make the perfect 4-inch pancake. At this point the batter should begin to spread and form perfect circles.  
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You know a good flip when you see one. 

When its time to flip the pancakes they will tell you. Bubbles will form throughout the pancake and should cover 80% of the surface area. You're on the home stretch! If the pancakes are looking under or over cooked adjust your temperature and timing appropriately. You're after an even golden brown color. 

Toppings are essential.

The best way to bring pancakes into the 21st century is to try different toppings to accompany your recipe. Conveniently, we provide these topping ideas on the back of every one of our products. Setting up a small pancake bar is an easy way to ensure everyone gets exactly what they want. 
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Plate Simply.

Ever heard the saying, "you eat with your eyes?" That is why "plating simply" is the final step to creating an extraordinary breakfast for your friends or family.  We suggest 2-3 pancakes stacked on top of each other and topped to your preference. Our pancakes are so flavorful that you can limit syrup consumption because it's simply flavorful enough on its own.